Ozone Hydro Sauna

Ozone Hydro Sauna

Ozone (O3) is more potent and oxidative than oxygen (O2). It destroys viruses, parasites, bacteria, and also gets rid of chemicals and impurities detrimental to the human body. Ozone is being extensively used to treat several conditions ranging from common flu to chronic diseases. It is also used in Pure O3 Ozone Hydrotherapy.

Relax and Rejuvenate

Pure Ozone Hydro Sauna is a therapy where ozone is used in hydrotherapy sauna applications. It works like traditional saunas. You enter into a hyperthermic room where you treat yourself to hydrotherapy sauna where your head sticks out and the neck area is covered carefully with a towel to stop any leakage. Then you wash with warm ozonated water for approximately 20 mins. The body absorbs the activated oxygen through skin, which makes its way into the bloodstream and begins its cleansing process.

The ensuing sweating process ensures that toxins are eliminated from the body as simultaneously ozone enters the bloodstream. Ozone hydro sauna is therefore one of the most avant-garde techniques for injecting oxygen into cells and tissues. Such an oxygenation process revivifies your body and improves overall health condition.


Ozone manages to delve deep and dig out the root cause of all the diseases. It is one of the best detoxifying agents that is anti-pathogenic in nature. The combination of ozone and steam increases body temperature. When you are hot, the functioning of your heart and the production of white blood cells also redouble. This, in turn, reduces inflammation and boosts your immune system. Increased body temperature has a positive effect on metabolism and helps counter free radicals. Let us look at the benefits of ozone hydro sauna in detail

  • Ozone uplifts the immune system thus making you less vulnerable to attacks from viruses or bacteria. Ozone curbs a virus’ ability to take over cells. It inhibits bacteria, too, nullifying their harmful effects.
  • Ozone injects oxygen into tissues and cells. Such an infusion helps the red blood cells to deliver more oxygen to the cells. It also aids the flow of red blood cells through the narrow blood vessels that pass the blood and oxygen into tissues.
  • It reinvigorates your body and improves your overall health
  • Blood circulation is vastly improved due to the combination of ozone and steam.
  • Helps the body get rid of toxins like mercury, aluminium, lead, cadmium, sodium, uric acid, and several industrial chemicals.
  • Assists in weight loss because of excess calories being burnt during the process.
  • Reduces pain, soothes nerves, and cleanses the skin, making it free from impurities.

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