NAD – Anti-Ageing Infusion

NAD - Anti-Ageing Infusion

In the early 20th century, mankind discovered a new non-protein compound that worked as cofactors with enzymes to expedite chemical reactions. This coenzyme was named Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD), and it is present in all the cells of our body. There are two forms of NAD – NAD+ and NADH, the former being an oxidising agent and the latter, a reducing agent. NAD has multiple key roles in our metabolic process serving as an important factor in several redox reactions.

NAD and the law of nature

Ageing is a natural occurrence. There are visible signs of ageing, such as grey hair, droopy skin, wrinkles on our face and neck, etc. There are also internal signs like stiffer joints, decaying of muscles and tissues, dwindling of bones, etc. Cellular damage leads to a gradual weakening of cellular functions and eventually results in cell death. Thus, our cells need the requisite amount of energy to function. They need oxygen to discharge energy.

NAD has that expertise to enhance the energy conversion process inside our cells. It keeps a check on our complex system of internal muscles and tissues and ensures thatit stays healthy. NAD also restores and reinvigorates the damaged cells. It helps to maintain a healthy nervous system.

NAD acts as a catalyst for several important biological processes. A few of them have been enumerated below.

  • It helps to repair DNA
  • Restores mitochondrial functions in MTDPS liver-like cells
  • Regulates gene expression
  • Mapping of epigenetic modifications
  • It helps to maintain chromosomal integrity
  • Helps in posttranslational modifications (PTM)

All the aforementioned processes are dependent on a family of proteins called sirtuins. Sirtuins are responsible for regulating cellular health and play an important role in controlling cellular homeostasis. However, sirtuins cannot function without NAD+. As a result, we need a continuous influx of NAD+ in our bodies that will be converted to NADH subsequently.

NAD – Anti-Ageing Infusion is the best alternative to the more common alcohol detox therapy. The latter often results in relapse and patients find it hard to cope with the withdrawal symptoms.

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