Dr. Irfana Akther

Founder & Medical Director of ICAM Wellcare

Tackle the challenge of delivering health care

Dr.Irfana Akther who is an MBBS, MAHM (UK), is a qualified Medical Doctor whose interest lay in the non-invasive or preventive techniques of naturopathy. She was not content with the usual way of just nursing the symptoms of a disease. She wanted to delve deeper and treat the disease from root cause. Thus, Dr.Akther pursued complimentary alternative medicine and became a Certified Naturopath Medical Doctor (NMD). Needless to say, she is equally adept at both traditional and alternative medical practices. She follows the principles of conventional medicine because it is ideal when it comes to dealing with emergencies and adopts the path of functional medicine when there is need for preventive care.

Happy Clients

What Our Patients Are Saying

Dr.Irfana and her team are exemplary. From their gut treatment clinic to the range of IV and nutritional support, ICAM truly takes an interdisciplinary and multifaceted approach towards promoting health and well being.

Thank you Dr Irfana for your personalised and unwavering care for your patients. I highly recommend the Curcumin IV treatments for supporting health and well being. Speak to Dr Irfana to get a personalised treatment plan. She is very happy to adjust and tailor the treatment to your needs and offers nutritional and supplement support as well.

Saud Al – Thani (Qatar)

I had a very lovely experience both times I went to see Dr Irfana and her team. The treatment was unfamiliar to me but with explanation and the treatment I got made me come for the second time.

Privacy and hygiene was something I was worried but it was excellent and they took everything in consideration. Keep it up.👍

Dr. Maryam
Al-Khusaibi (Oman)

I can not speak highly enough of ICAM Wellcare, Dr. Irfana, and her entire team. I travelled to her clinic with my father for a one week visit, and ended up staying for nearly a month because of the fact that we saw amazing results. I would definitely recommend anyone looks into this route prior to pursuing any traditional medicine route!

Khalifa Al-Misnad (Qatar)



Functional Medicine is a nature based natural approach which focuses on root cause of disease. 

Our Mission

We help people prevent and reverse diseases to increase their quality of life by applying proven, non-invasive assessments and treatment processes.

Our Vision

To become the trusted global authority in functional Complementary Alternative Medicine


The Infusion Clinic Experience

We have an immense passion for what we do. We are dedicated, focused, and offer personalized, evidence-based treatment plans. If you want to better your health or understand your disease risk, then we look forward to helping you prevent and reverse diseases.