EECP Therapy

EECP Therapy

Coronary artery disease is the most common among all heart diseases that affect millions of people around the world. It is a serious medical condition that is caused due to the impairment of the coronary arteries caused by the accumulation of fat, cholesterol, and other waste substances collectively known as plaque. When left untreated, it can gradually lead to a fatal heart attack. Enhanced external counter pulsation (EECP) is a non-invasive treatment ideal for patients suffering from coronary artery disease and accompanying ischemic heart pain, who are unresponsive to conventional remedies of pharmacotherapy and alternative myocardial revascularization procedures. This chronic condition called refractory angina cannot be treated with traditional medical therapies, bypass surgeries, or even angioplasty. EECP Therapy is the perfect antidote for ischemia with its effects lasting for approximately 5 years. EECP therapy has been approved by FDA for the management of refractory angina and heart failure.

The Mystic Mechanism

EECP treatment applies the right amount of pressure on the blood vessels in the legs. The pressure is synced to the rate of heartbeat. This not only improves blood flow but ensures that the blood flows to the heart at the exact moment when the latter is relaxing. When the heart pumps blood again, EECP makes sure that the pressure is immediately released thereby relaxing the blood vessels in the limbs and allowing the heart to pump blood without any hindrance. EECP also triggers the blood vessels to form tiny channels that function like extra branches. These branches may serve the purpose of natural routes for blood to flow into the heart. Such collaterals allow easy flow of blood without any resistance.

Multiple benefits of EECP are –
  • Diminishing the incidence of angina episodes.
  • Revives your energetic daily life.
  • Zero to negligible recuperation period.
  • Increases your ability to indulge in extracurricular activities.
  • No side effects, complications, or any risk of infections.
  • Effects last for several years.
  • Useful in Treating Parkinson’s disease
  • Dementia
  • Improves cardiac performance for athletes
  • Erectile dysfunction
The gentle process

EECP is non-invasive in nature that avails of the advanced counter pulsation system. During the treatment, the patient lies on a padded table in which electronic inflation and deflation valves are embedded. These valves are connected to three pairs of cuffs that are wrapped around the patient’s lower part of the body. The cuffs are inflated and deflated by air hoses and are synchronized with the heartbeat and blood pressure, both of which are monitored using the ECG and blood pressure monitors.

Prior to this, three electrodes are put on the patient’s chest and connected to an ECG machine. The latter will reveal information about the health of the heart to the doctor.  When inflated, patients feel a strong sensation rising from the calves to thighs and eventually to buttocks. When deflated, the pressure is released.

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