Weight Loss Infusion

Weight Loss Infusion

Weight loss infusion denotes the intravenous weight loss therapy that has gained quite a lot of momentum in recent times among citizenry. Obesity is and should be a huge cause of concern because it invites several health hazards. But many people find it difficult to lose weight without medical intervention. It is not easy for overweight people to get slim in a short while. Thus,everyone is opting for this progressive treatment that helps you burn the excess fat that has hindered your daily life activities till now.

Beware of the myths

It’s important to remember that weight loss IV therapy will only work if the person in question is maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle. This is not some kind of magic potion. The discipline is necessary as such treatments cannot act as replacements for exercises or nutritional diet routines. It’s an entirely different ball-game altogether to maintain the weight after the treatment is over. Thus, get rid of that couch potato lifestyle forever. You must exercise regularly, religiously follow a nutritional diet chart, and be active in general.

The magic formula and the process

The weight loss IV therapy administers the winning formula intravenously into a patient’s body. This formula is a mixture of lipotropics, minerals, vitamins, hydrating fluids, and amino acids. The aim is to expedite the metabolism process that will help eliminate the fat from the body. Faster metabolism implies a faster rate of energy consumption from food.

  • Lipotropic compounds are crucial as they speed up the process of breakdown of the fat from the liver.
  • IV fluids keep you hydrated as dehydration results in weight gain by slowing the metabolic rate. Vitamin C and B-complex vitamins revitalize your body by boosting muscular functions.
  • The supplement L-Carnitine impedes the build-up of metabolic wastes, increases stamina and muscle mass.

IV treatment is responsible for removing those unstable atoms called free radicals, which are directly responsible for aging, illness, and cell damage. Free radicals are being produced by your body all the time. IV therapy also eliminates high-density metals or heavy metals like arsenic, lead, chromium, cadmium, mercury, etc. While heavy metals do act as essential nutrients for your body, too much of them lead to heavy metal poisoning. This results in DNA damage and tampering of the cellular processes. A little portion is drained out along with urine but others stick around and can prove to be harmful.

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