Probiotic Enema

Colostrum Probiotic Enema

Colostrum probiotic enema is one of the effective ways for treating many conditions like prolonged and chronic constipation. The problem with conventional laxatives is that they are known to kill helpful gut bacteria resulting in an imbalance of the digestive system. This is where colostrum probiotic enema comes.  

Why To Perform Colostrum Probiotic Enema

Colostrum is the milky liquid that is secreted right before the formation of milk in mammals in general and in bovines in particular. This milky substance is rich in probiotic microorganisms and it has many health benefits. Usage of this probiotic colostrum as the fluid for enema achieves all the functions of a normal enema without causing adverse effects on the micro fauna of human body. 

Colostrum probiotic enema can be helpful for people suffering from many digestive disorders like constipation, ulcerative colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, diarrhoea, bloating, constant flatulence, etc. Some of these are caused by the imbalance in the gut bacteria or the deficiency in the helpful bacteria like lactobacillus. Colostrum probiotic enema helps in 

  • Cleaning of the digestive tract
  • Cleansing of colon
  • Detoxification of the body
  • Rejuvenation of the gut bacteria
  • It may also aid in fat loss
  • The probiotic enema can even be helpful in increasing the immunity

How to Perform Colostrum Probiotic Enema

Colostrum probiotic enema has to be performed in the supervision of trained physicians and medical practitioners. At International Complementary Alternative Medicine Wellcare Clinic, we have the best trained doctors for treating you. The whole process is performed in a seamless way, so as to minimise the risks of infection and injury during the rectal penetration for enema. We are the one of the most trusted place for colostrum probiotic enema in Bangalore. 

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