Ozone Steam Hydrotherapy

Ozone Steam Hydrotherapy

Like the traditional sauna models, ozone steam saunas relax and purify the body through warm, moist air. Unlike traditional saunas, however, they also release activated oxygen, alternately known as ozone, which the body absorbs through skin which is the largest organ of respiration and purification. The ozone then finds its way into the bloodstream.

By allowing ozone in and toxins out via the sweating process that is induced, ozone steam sauna therapy is one of the most powerful methods for increasing tissue and cell oxygenation thus bringing about improvement in health and enhancing longevity.

More specifically, the use of ozone and steam produces a remarkable combination. The use of steam by itself produces an increase in body metabolism due to the increase in body temperature. Increased body temperature will also cause the body to increase its heart rate, blood flow and its production of white blood cells which are necessary to fight infection.

The most important effect however is detoxification. Ozone is probably one of the best non-specific antibiotic, antiviral and antifungal agents available.

How is Ozone Steam Hydrotherapy used?
Ozone steam sauna therapy takes place inside a hyperthermic chamber. The patient then sits in the hyperthermic chamber with the head out. The space for the person’s neck is padded with a towel to avoid leakage and a fan is placed overhead to ensure adequate circulation of air. A typical ozone steam bath can last from twenty to thirty minutes.

What are the health benefits of Ozone Steam Hydrotherapy?
Relaxes and rejuvenates the body
Stimulates the immune system
Increases oxygenation of tissues and cells
Increases circulation and nutrient delivery within the body
Assists the body to detoxify toxins such as mercury, lead, cadmium, aluminium, pesticides, industrial chemicals, uric acid, sodium, cholesterol, alcohol, nicotine and drug residues
Weight loss – 300 to 600 calories are burnt during one session of thirty minutes ozone sauna treatment
Purifies the skin
Reduces pain and inflammation of joints by calming nerves


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