Organic Coffee Enema

Organic Coffee Enema

Organic coffee enema is a process that is similar to colon hydrotherapy. However, instead of using purified water, this process uses organic coffee made in purified water. This is more effective than colon hydrotherapy. In this process, the organic coffee mixture is administered into the colon of the patient by using a tube through rectum. This is similar to ordinary enema but the coffee helps in quicker decongestion and detoxification. 

How Organic Coffee Enema Works

Unlike a normal enema, the coffee solution is sent into the colon which has other benefits on the body. This caffeine in the colon ensures ample of bile is secreted from the liver helping in the digestion of the food and improving the digestive system. Further, it stimulates the liver to produce more glutathione which helps in detoxification of the complete body. 

While ordinary enema doesn’t help in whole body detoxification, organic coffee enema helps in complete detoxification through glutathione secretion. 

Benefits of Organic Coffee Enema

Organic coffee enema helps improve the overall welfare of the body and provides the following unique health benefits.

  • It helps in the treatment of constipation
  • It cleanses and detoxifies colon
  • Organic coffee enema also improves the immunity power
  • It removes bacterial and fungal growth in the digestive tract
  • It might help in prevention of cancer in the digestive system
  • Any parasites in the digestive tract will be killed by the excessive caffeine in the body
  • It can also be performed for detoxifying the body after treatment for cancer

Best Place for Organic Coffee Enema 

If you’re planning to have an organic coffee enema, then International Complementary Alternative Medicine Wellcare Centre is the best option. We have experienced doctors and medical professionals who will perform the safest organic coffee enema for you. It enhances the digestive health and detoxifies your body.

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