About ICAM

Dr. Irfana Akther MBBS, MAHM (UK)

Founder and Medical Director

Dr. Irfana Akther is both a licensed Medical Doctor and a Certified Naturopath Medical Doctor (NMD). This allows her to integrate the best of both approaches for optimal results.

The ICAM Wellcare Clinic is established in India by Dr.Irfana Akther MBBS, MAHM (UK) a leading Medical Doctor who specializes in International Complementary Alternative Medicine.

In 2004, Dr.Irfana Akther worked with Dr.Rathna Alwa, one of the senior pioneer in Alternative Medicine who was graduated from United Staes of America. Dr.Irfana Akther has travelled across UK, Australia and China to procure further advance knowledge on Non-Surgical Treatments. Since then she has been providing the highest quality care with Complementary and Alternative Medical Treatments to thousands of satisfied patients from around the world. The fact that her patients return year after year for more treatments, as they realise the benefits and improvements to their overall health and well being, is a testament to that fact. She ensure that you are fully informed at all stages and that you are given realistic expectations of the results that can be achieved.

What to expect from ICAM?

We Focus on Healing – The physicians at ICAM work to provide first symptomatic relief while diagnosing and treating the underlying root cause of your illness. Special emphasis is placed on discovering the interaction of whole body systems and implementing a holistic or comprehensive approach to your health. For example, chronic illness is best treated by Naturopathic Medicine, while a serious infection may be treated with a conventional antibiotic.

The ICAM Wellcare Clinic Offers Complimentary and Alternative Medical Care in the following key areas of:


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