EECP Therapy

EECP Therapy

Enhanced External Counter Pulsation therapy is an effective way to treat various heart related ailments like angina, cardiomyopathy, and even hear failure. It enhances the blood pumping capacity and thereby helps in bettering the physical condition of the patient. Upon consistent treatment the patient suffering from angina might grow new blood vessels in the heart which will help increasing the heart rate and heart capacity. 

How Enhanced External Counter Pulsation Therapy Works

EECP or Enhanced External Counter Pulsation therapy involves usage of pneumatic cuffs placed around the ankle, lower thigh and bottoms. These cuffs work in succession and in sync with the diastole and systole phases of heart beat. 

Enhanced External Counter Pulsation helps in maintaining the heart rate and blood flow. As the pneumatic cuffs push the blood from legs to the heart, it increases the flow of blood to the heart. This additional flow of blood forces the heart to pump more blood leading to a overall increase in blood flow. The enhanced blood flow to the heart stimulates growth of new blood vessels, which increases oxygen level in all parts of the body. Further, existing blood vessels also function optimally. As a result a patient suffering from low blood pumping capacity gets enhanced blood flow. 

Advantages of Enhanced External Counter Pulsation Therapy

EECP is advantageous and helpful in treating angina and cardiomyopathy. Some of the benefits are as follows.

  • It is a completely mechanical process
  • It doesn’t involve blood thinners or any other drugs that might have potential side effects
  • The cuffs are mechanically activated to be in sync with the heartbeat. 
  • It enhances the function of heart naturally

Precautions for Taking EECP Therapy

Enhanced External Counter Pulsation has to be carefully administered as it can cause adverse effects to patients who have already undergone heart surgeries. A thorough checkup of the patient to check for the suitability of the treatment has to be made. Also, EECP is effective only during the early stages of angina. For chronic symptoms, a surgery is the most effective treatment. At International Complementary Alternative Medicine Wellcare Clinic, we have the most experienced physicians and medical practitioners to provide the best EECP therapy for you. 

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