Gc MAF Therapy

Gc MAF Therapy

Immunotherapy is progressively being used to fight cancer and one such effective treatment method is GcMAF Therapy. Gc globulin derived Macrophage Activating Factor directs the white blood cells of the body to act and produce antigens. In cancer treatment, Gc MAF is used to induce antigens for the tumour and cancerous cells. When Gc MAF is intravenously administered to a patient, it activates the T cells to fight against the cancer cells. The T cells then produce antigens that kills off the harmful tumour cells. 

Gc globulin is a protein that binds together with Vitamin D. The Macrophage Activating Factor is produced as a result of action of Gc globulin protein. The MAF or Macrophage Activating Factor activates the signal for T cells to produce antigens that are toxic in nature for the tumours. This way, an individual suffering from cancer or tumour gets the natural immunity to fight off these harmful cells. 

How Intravenous Gc MAF is Administered 

Gc MAF is administered intravenously to the patients suffering from cancer. This Gc MAF stimulates the T cells to produce substances that are toxic to the cancer cells. Further, it is also effective against infections and inflammations caused in the body.  This makes it easier for the patient to fight off cancer. Even while other chemotherapy and radiation therapy is being administered, Gc MAF has the potential to make the treatment more effective. Further, it increases the immunity of the patient preventing the relapse. 

International Complementary Alternate Medicine Wellcare Clinic

At, International Complementary Alternate Medicine Wellcare Clinic, we have the best trained physicians to administer intravenous Gc MAF therapy for you. This alternate medicine treatment is fast becoming popular as the therapy is able to activate the natural immune response of the patient and thereby reducing the need and dependency on other therapies. 

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