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  • 1 DMSO Therapy
    DMSO Therapy is a natural anti-inflammatory solution for pain, circulation problems, tissue damage and degenerative diseases
  • 2 Enhanced External Counter-Pulsation
    Enhanced External Counter-Pulsation (EECP) therapy is a non-invasive, very low risk, outpatient external counter pulsation treatment
  • 3 Colon Hydrotherapy
    Colon Cleansing, Colonic, Colon Hydrotherapy is a gentle, natural method of washing long-term wastes from the entire colon.
  • 4 DMSO Therapy
    DMSO Therapy is a natural anti-inflammatory solution for pain, circulation problems, tissue damage and degenerative diseases
  • 5 2 Enhanced External Counter-Pulsation
    Enhanced External Counter-Pulsation (EECP) therapy is a non-invasive, very low risk, outpatient external counter pulsation treatment





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Cancer is caused by an imbalance between the immune system and the number of cancer cells which form. When the immune system is weakened or an abnormally high number of cancer cells form, the number of cancer cells can overwhelm the immune system and a person is said to "have cancer."
However, while the balance between the immune system and the number of cancer cells which form may "cause cancer," this imbalance is not what causes a normal cell to become cancerous!!
Our combination of cancer treatment with conventional medical care, the chemical, functional and/or structural changes in organs, glands and other tissues are created either through biochemical manipulation (for example, with drugs) or physical manipulation (such as surgery). With electro-medicine therapies, healing is achieved by working with the electromagnetic radiation (emissions) and related energy fields that form, and are emitted by, physical matter. Broadly speaking, electro-medical devices produce and focus specific frequencies that can be in the form of electromagnetic fields, electrical current, magnetism, visible light, heat or other energy.

"The only known "cure" for anything is your own God given immune system.

Enzymes to Dissolve Cancers 

Dissolving cancerous tissue requires enzymes. Dietary supplements containing the ten or more pancreatic enzymes are helpful, with the most important enzymes being trypsin and chymotrypsin. These enzymes dissolve the protein coat of the cancer cell making it vulnerable to the attack of white blood cells. Diets which are high in protein and refined foods such as white sugar and white flour deplete pancreatic enzymes, and thus help to open the way for cancer because the pancreatic enzymes are not available to dissolve the protein coat of cancer cells which may be present in the body.
Certain proteolytic enzymes (protein digesting enzymes) are used to digest a cancer cell's tough protein coating, or outer cell wall. This is a remarkable technique cancer cells have developed to protect themselves from our immune system. In short - they hide. Protein digesting enzymes eat away at this outer wall which leaves the cell vulnerable to the immune system's so-called NK cells (also called leukocytes or white blood cells). The NK cells will then recognize the cell as dangerous and defective and go to work dissolving it. 
Enzymes are usually abundant in raw foods. But the modern diet for decades has been focused on cooked and processed foods. As critical as they are to all life processes, enzymes are fragile and easily destroyed by .....

- Cooking food over 115 degrees (Approx.)
- Pasteurization
- Commercial food processing 
- Food Irradiation
- Carbonated beverages.


Instructions to Patient

Natural Food Products for Preventing Bone Marrow Depression in Cancer Patients. This will prevent bone marrow depression and keep your blood count in good condition so that you need not post pone your chemotherapy due to low blood count white blood countshould be above 4000 to take chemotherapy. This treatment gives you energy files your stomach and gives satisfaction as well as improveother related illness.

Please follow the following schedule.

  • 5.30 - 6.00 am Water 200ml+ Lemon 1/2 + Honey 2 Tea spoon
  • 7.30 am Wheat grass/barley grass extract + equal amount of water
  • 9.30 am Salad made with carrot, beat, tomato, cucumber, spinach, coriander, mint leave, broccoli, cauli flower, sprouted seed of mung
  • 11.30 am Normal food
  • 1.30 noon Fruit juice of any mousami, orange, apple, papaya, pomegranate, grapes, mango, guava, apricot, amala, water melon
  • 3.30 pm Extract of wheat or extract of any one vegetable carrot, beat, cabbage, tomato, cucumber, couli flower, broccoli flower, spinach, tulsi, coriander etc.
  • 5.30 pm Honey (2 tea spoon) + lime1/2 + water 200/400 ml or vegetable soup.

Note: If you are not able to eat different food and fruits wheat grass can be taken 5 or 6 times a day ( 200 ml every three hour)

These food contain vitamin A, C, E, beta carotene and selenium and prevent further growth of cancer also. Change the fruit or vegetables according to your choice. Clean, wash and soak vegetable/fruits in salt water or potassium permanganate for 10 minutes. Start less amount of wheat/barley juice in the beginning then increase the amount gradually. Dilute the extract with the amount of water you tolerate easily. Contact researcher for any problem with this diet between 4-7 PM at her residence for future advice phone 431934 in between 4-7 pm. Show your blood report and get other advice, rules for healthy life and natural diet.

Natural Diet

Live, natural positive food is essential for health. Two principle meals in a day are sufficient to fulfil your energy needs. Use one cereal at a time either Roti or Rice. You can replace Roti, Rice with boiled or roasted potato, sprouted mung (green gram) or, yam or fruits and milk or curd or raw diet.

At the time of lunch eating food, calm and quiet surrounding is necessary. Avoid meals immediately after excessive manual work, worry, exercise and Yoga, anger, quarrels, after bath, sad feelings and any instance when you do not feel like eating. Physical and psychological peace helps proper digestion and assimilation.

Have your meals between 10 a.m. to 12 noon in the morning and 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. in the evening. Some rest is essential after meals. Continuously chewing something, intermittent snacks, chocolates, tea, coffee will weaken your digestion. Eat main meals 3 hours before sleeping. Fresh fruits and vegetables, sprouts, milk, butter milk, yoghurt, butter, vegetable and fruit juice are non stimulating (satwik food). For taste use ginger, jera, coriander, coconut, curry leaves, capsicum, turmeric. Prepare chatney by using these ingredients. Fried, refined food stuffs, spicy, salty, too much oily, sour, bitter items.Avoid snacks, pickles, papads, sweets, chocolates, ice-cream, tinned food, eggs, meat, fish because of their stimulating properties (rajasik and tamarisk). Every morsel of food should be properly masticated to aid digestion by salvia and other digestive juices of stomach and intestine. Eat raw diet and cooked diet at separate meals. Do not combine starch and protein, protein and fat, two protein, two cereals, sweet and sour fruits. Those who are suffering from flatulence and constipation should avoid gram, onions, cabbage, potatoes, fried items, bajra, pakoda, sweets, noodles, bread, and other fermented foodstuffs. Eat raw diet and salad regularly.

Tulsi Kadha (Herbal Tea) Take 10 leaves of tulsi, 2-3 leaves of lemon grass and a small piece of ginger and boil in 200ml. Of water for 5 min. Strain and add jaggery to taste. This decoction acts like a medicine in cold, cough, bronchitis and improves digestion.

Raw Vegetable Juices: Juice of bottle guard, carrots, green vegetables, spinach, cabbage, tomatoes, coriander can be extracted with the help of mixer after cutting these vegetable into fine pieces and grassing them in a mixer. Dose of vegetable juices is 50 to 200 ml. And will depend upon age of the patient and appetite.

Fruit Juice : Can be extracted with the help of a juicer or after squeezing them through fine muslin cloth.

Vegetable Salad: Use raw carrots, tomatoes, beet, cucumber, cabbage, lettuce, radish, coriander, spinach, onions to prepare different seasonal salads. Fresh salads provide enough fibber for intestinal motility and acts as anti oxidants. It also supplies all essential vitamins and minerals.

Natural Condiments: Cooked vegetables are easier for digestion. For flavour and taste ginger, coconut, jeera, coriander power, termertic and curry leaves may be used. Prepare chatney by grinning all these substances for natural taste.

Curd: Culture luke warm milk (3/c) by adding little quantity of butter milk. Curd occurs easily in summer. Four to six hours after culture, it will taste sweet and sour. Curd should not be too sour. Avoid in the evening and incase of skin diseases, chronic cough and cold, asthma, bronchitis and anorexia.

Butter Milk: After extraction of butter add 25% water in the curd, churn well. You may add ginger and jeera powder, butter milk is used in indigestion, diarrhoea and dysentery, colitis, anorexia, thirst, piles, urinary problems. Curds and butter milk are useful especially in summer and autumn. Use cautiously in rainy season and winter.

Wheat Grass Extracts and Sprouted Wheat:: Wheat grass consists of vitamins A, 18000 international units per -100/m, vitamin C - 100 mg/100ml, vitamin B, E, K, carbohydrates, proteins, fat, chlorophyll, magnesium, iron. It's pH is 7.4 . Chlorophyll is germicidal. Because of the high concentration of chlorophyll the wheat grass removes impurities of blood and raises the level of haemoglobin in the blood. Wheat grass juice can be successfully employed in anaemia, high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, internal haemorrhage, Common cold, asthma, bronchitis, Constipation, indigestion and flatulence, nausea and vomiting, acidity, ulcer of stomach and the intestines, diabetes, throat pain, worms, caries and loose teeth, pyorrhoea, ulcer of gums, bleeding gums. Swelling and pain the joints, oesteoarthritis, Parkinsons disease, eczema, acne, cuts and wounds, bites, burns, inflammation of bladder and kidney, sexual debility, ear pain, pus fromear, general weakness, insomnia, headache, fever and cancer etc..

Technique for Growing Wheat Grass:

Prepare small land and devide in seven parts or take seven pots measuring one square feet and having a depth of about three to four inches. Do not mix chemical fertiliser on soil. Very good quality of big grains of 100 gm wheat shown will give about 250ml - 500ml of wheat grass juice after 7-8 days. If the quality of wheat is not good then take 200 gm of wheat seeds. The wheat should be sprouted before sowing. For sprouting, soak the wheat in water for about twelve hours, then wrap them in a wet thick cloth and tie for about 12-14 hours. Spread the sprouted wheat close to each other on the soil bed. Cover the grains with a thin layer of earth. Sprinkle some water on it every day. Cut the grass an seventh day. Sow wheat everyday on small piece of land or pot. After taking out the wheat grass change the soil of thepot everytime and sow in a fresh soil.

Wheat Grass Regimen: It is always better to clean the body in the following way before starting wheat grass therapy. - Total fasting for a couple of days, taking only water or juices or liquids. - Empty the bowel with the help of an enemas. - Take only raw food for a couple of days. This may include sweet and sour fruits, sprouted grains,cereals and pulses. Wash the fresh wheat grass, crush it well on a stone platform and strain the juice. Electric juicer or mixer also can be used to make the juice and consume soon after it is extracted. Continue to take 50 ml juice every day in order to maintain proper health and prevent illness. Some people may complain nausea, vomiting, cold, diarrhoea, fever. Therefore start taking little amount juice diluting with water. Take juice in empty stomach. Increase the intake of the wheat grass juice gradually. In ordinary illness 100 ml of juice per day is adequate. But in the case of serious or chronic disease 250 to 300 ml per day should be taken. Wheat grass juice can be used in the form of an retention enema. Before retention enema flush the intestine by water enema with some lemon juice. Most of the juice of retention enema is absorbed in the bowel. Wheat grass juice is an effective antiseptic. A cotton gauze soaked in the wheat grass juice can be placed, on a cut, wound, abrasion, a boil, non healing wound. Massaging or washingthe skin with wheat grass gives relief in skin diseases.

Rules for Healthy Life

Health is defined as the normal state of body, mind and spirit. For healthy life observe self discipline and keep balance between food, exercise, behaviour, sleep and celibacy.

Wake-up: Early in the morning one to two hours before sun rises. Brush teeth with twigs of neem, babel, khair.

Ushah Pan: Drink 200 to 400 ml. Of fresh cool water. Quantity of water will vary according to the season. Do not drink water before and after meals immediately.
Yoga and Exercise: will depend upon your age, season, disease, constitution and strength.
Prayer: Purification of "Mind, Atma and Chitta" is essential for health. Morning and evening prayer is essential for balance between body and mind.
Massage: Use gingly oil or mustard oil in winter, sesame or coconut oil in autumn and summer. Massage all parts of your body especially joints. Massage is useful in improving circulation of internal organs, skeletal muscles and skin.
Bath: In all season cool natural water is refreshing. Swimming in river, lakes, tanks gives total body exercise. Use warm water in winter and for those who suffer from respiratory disease, muscular and joint pains. Bath twice a day especially in summer.
Self Discipline: Wear white or light coloured clothes in autumn and summer and woollen dark coloured garments in winter. Cotton garments especially under wears are hygienic in hot place. Excessive exercise, late nights, excessive entertainment, TV, cinema, loud music, listening and speaking culturally and socially bad words, stimulating literature, scenes, takingtomato and rajsil food, thought and behaviour is harmful for health.
Sleep: From 9 p.m. to 10 p.m. in the night to 4.30 to 5 o'clock in the morning is sufficient. Children, pregnant women, old and thin persons, manual labourers can take afternoon nap. (15 to 30 min.). Afternoon nap in autumn and summer will keep you fresh. For calm andquiet sleep meditate before you go to bed.

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